3 Dimensioning Cyber Security Analysis

Learn about your cyber security readiness for APT attack from an attacker point of view


The first section consists of a number of questions designed to determine the initial security level of the organization

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  • 1
    Do you use an Intelligence active services for organization self assessment ?
  • 2
    Is there a sensor set to detect, deflect, or counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems ?
  • 3
    Do you make sure that your Firewall rules are fine tuning on regular basis and set in prevention mode ?
  • 4
    Is a NAC software installed for network authentication and security enforcement ?
  • 5
    Is a managed AV/AM software installed on personal computers and servers ?
  • 6
    Is a PAM solution implemented in your organization?
  • 7
    Are all security patches (operating system, infrastructure & application) installed according to an organizational IT security patching cycles procedure ?
  • 8
    Is there a SOC available on a 24/7 basis to respond to alerts?
  • 9
    Is an IPS/IDS solution installed on personal computers and servers ?
  • 10
    Is an EDR software installed on personal computers ?
  • 11
    Is a WAF implemented in prevention mode ?
  • 12
    Is a Sandbox software installed on personal computers and mail servers ?
  • 13
    Are system components hardend based on a formal up to date procedure for system components hardening ?
  • 14
    Was Penetration/Hardening testings performed on all system version currently running in production?
  • 15
    Are Encryption solutions used, in data transit and rest ?
  • 16
    Is a IDM software installed for managing, limitade and revoke users access and enforce a best practice based password and locking policy ?
  • 17
    Is there a network segmentation and access control rules for splitting a computer network into VLANS ?
  • 18
    Is there a detailed and documented incident response team & procedure include clear actions and assignment of roles, alternative facility, level of guaranteed service quality ?
  • 19
    Are backup and data restore procedures defined and implemented ?
  • 20
    Do you manage audit trails which can link access to individual user by using a SIEM software ?
  • 21
    Is an Investigation software installed for recording an accounting ?
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