Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are designed to test the potential damage to websites and internal systems in case of a breach. The tests are conducted from the intruder's point of view to assess the state of the security systems. Intentional attempts at penetrating the system are performed to assess the weak points.

Our specialized team performs these tests to allow organizations not only to assess the potential damage but also to help apply effective and practical solutions for added protection.

Testing for resilience and addressing the vulnerabilities that surface, narrows the number of attack vectors available to assailants and provides an added layer of security, often the critical layer.

The unique technique developed at Citadel and the company's extensive development capabilities allow for specialized testing, tailored to specific needs, producing both reliable and professional results.

These are some of the services we offer in the field:

Application and Infrastructure Penetration Testing

+ Black/Grey-box penetration testing"
+Internal / External penetration testing
+Web application penetration testing
+Internal Attack simulations
+Mobile Application penetration testing
+Automated Vulnerability Assessments